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Игорь Буканов

    Веган (англ)

I could glue stamps
But philately is funny in nature. [Referring stamps with LSD]
I could take the tranks, [tranquilizers]
But slowing down is not a right force. [meaning that
tranquilizers inhibit]
I do not march through the streets of the city
With stupid boneheads.
I do not go to vote
And I do not believe in the laws.
Mom, I'm just a vegan.

I could have smoked ganja
and spend in jail for that many years.
I could even
Give all to the poor
And live at a railway station [becoming homeless - railway station is a typical place for homeless people in Russia].
I could make a
A couple of the Cuban Revolutions
And for the second course
I could serve enemies on stylish plates.
But mom, I'm just a vegan.

I could serve in the army,
Be a cop with a stick in a hand.
Or together with a gang of local
normal bandits sit in a bar.
But mom, I'm just a vegan.